The making of the Mask

Within the 'moulding' room, you are asked to strip from the waist up and put on a gown. You then lie on a special table and a sheet of warm plastic mesh is placed over your head, neck and shoulders. This is full of little holes so that you can breath and has been softened in a bath of hot water. The best way to describe this experience is if you imagine a warm, wet towel being laid over your upper body. It then gently stretches and conforms to your profile and is fixed to the table you are lying on with special clamps around the perimeter. The mask is pressed down around the contours of your body for a snug fit and ice packs are applied to the mask to cool and therefore set it into shape. This is very snug and holds you perfectly still.

Moulding the head brace

I don't wish to scare anyone but it is very claustrophobic clamped in it, and although everything is done as quickly as possible, you do sigh with relief every time the clamps are released.

* I panic being zipped up in a sleeping bag, so if I can get through it, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Scans and Dummy run